Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome to Monday...

Welcome to your Monday morning landscape according to mythical blowhard minority leader of the House, John Boehner. Mr. Self-Bronzer has said that the next 24 hours are Armageddon because this bill will ruin our country.

His douchnozzle, Eric Cantor was on This Week this morning and was flat-out asked if he really believed this bill would ruin the country. In his typical limp-wristed, coy way, Cantor refused to answer the question, instead choosing to over and over talk about all the "fear out there" concerning this bill. That's right, the GOP answer to whether or not this bill will ruin the country is to say...just look at all the fear out there. It's not us thinking it's gonna ruin the country, it's the "people." Whatever. That's like a parent explaining, hey...I didn't shit all over your rug. It's the baby.

Sad that the party of responsibility is claiming none for their culpability in ratcheting up this fear. Cantor even had the chutzpah to pooh-pooh the talk about the protesters on the hill yesterday dropping N-bombs on Rep. John Lewis and F-bombs on Rep. Barney Frank. "No one condones that..." Really, Eric? Those are the "people" who think this bill will result in a man name Connor rising up against the machines. So aren't you just kind of "condoning" those freaks by having your leadership preach to their choir?

Here's the deal. We don't know whether this thing is gonna pass or not. It should. Any Democrat who votes against it is a weak, POS. Seriously. If you call yourself a Democrat, this has to be one of the fundamental reasons why. And if you're not willing to put it on the line for this, you don't deserve office. Second, passage will be good for all Democrats. Those who lose would be losing anyway. The rest are going to benefit from the very obvious fact that the GOP has not learned anything from the 2008 election. They have doubled down on the crazy talk and embraced those same crazies that were showing up at McCain/Palin with guns. When it passes and the world does not stop turning, what are they gonna say? The same shit they're saying now: it's all the Dems fault. Nothing they have done works. We know they are saying that now, when they know stuff works. You cannot pay attention to crazy, irrational people. You can't argue with them. You keep your head down, keep grinding and have a little faith that the rational, reasonable people carry the day.

Trent Lott is on This Week right now trying to explain that the problem with this bill as opposed to last time is this very partisan, dogmatic Democratic party...on a bill that basically resembles exactly the GOP bill from 1994. That's right...the GOP's argument is these Dems are too left wing...when that left wing is really the right wing position of 16 years ago. Which party is moving further from the middle?

The President has given some of the best addresses he's given since the campaign over the last week. Yesterday, he hit the nail on the head with a quote from President Lincoln: "I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true." While I am sure John Boehner, Ed Gillespie and all the rest of the Republicans who are expressing all these new found concerns for the midterm election prospects of their Democratic colleagues are sincere and not self-serving, they could not be more wrong. There is a reason the GOP is fighting this like hell. If it passes, the Democrats are going to be able to point to HCR and say you can say a lot of shit...but you can't deny that we were the party that finally did something. Those Republicans know how powerful this message may be going into the future and they know they could be having to explain why they were against this for decades to come. And forget the warnings about it completely destroying bipartisanship. What bipartisanship? It's like the old Monty Python skit: How could I make it any worse? Jehovah. Jehovah. Jehovah!

Pass. The. Damn. Bill! and make them explain themselves to the country as you are able to point out things like their kids who graduate from high school this year being able to stay on their health care plans until they are 26. Good policy makes good politics. You've got a winner policy-wise, the politics will take care of itself.


Cheesefrog said...

When I used to hesitate as a kid, my dad would sometimes say "do something, even if it's wrong!" Well, if the argument is that the Democrats will profit simply because they did "something", I'm not buying. Especially when, as my dad might say, that something is wrong. People (including my diehard Democrat dad) won't be impressed, they'll be outraged. Elections are only 8 months away, and the majority of Americans who do not support the audacity of the President and Congress likely won't forget. I hope health care covers donkeys, because that ass has some serious self-inflicted wounds!

pluvlaw said...

Relax...just think how pissed our creditors will be when we all die tomorrow? Joke's on you Citibank! You can collect that student loan HELL!

Cheesefrog said...

Crap, I thought it was 2012 when we were all going! If I knew it was tomorrow I would have been partying like it was 1999!