Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Health Care Law in pictures

The White House has a gallery of photos taken throughout the HCR process. These were some of our favorite ones. If you think HCR is the end of the world, feel free to move along. Let the rest of us enjoy the moment. Enjoy.
We saw heated meetings...

And wondered if it would happen.

We saw a President take question after question at townhalls

And make a lot of phone calls to work the vote.

A lot bullshit was spewed, but once again, we found out this President's pretty good against the ropes.

He stood tall and refused to back down, reminding us that the right thing isn't always popular or politically expedient.

He made sure we stayed in the game...

And reminded us that we did not fear our future, we shaped it.

Props to President Obama and Speaker Pelosi on one hell of fight.

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