Monday, March 8, 2010

Right hand meet Left Hand

Jonathan Chait points out that the "Lack of Self Awareness Award of the Decade" should go to the recent edition of The Weekly Standard. In case you're unware of The Weekly Standard, its the neoconservative rag published by News Corp and edited by none other than William "Sarah Palin would be a great running mate and why don't we bomb Iran" Kristol. This month, the Standard contains an editorial from Matthew Continetti, who wrote:

When it comes to the disasters that result from human activity, disasters that are long in the making, we turn a blind eye. A few brave voices may sound the alarm. But no one really listens. The individuals who benefit from the current arrangements offer excuse after excuse. The situation can be contained, they say. No need to be proactive. No need for boldness.

This was an editorial that ran in an issue with this cover:

You talk to 'em, man.

Kind of easy to see how the Standard loses about a million per year, huh?

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