Friday, March 19, 2010

Show your Solicitor some love

In addition to being handy with an oyster knife, Ed Clements is also a pretty damn good Solicitor. This coming Monday, March 22nd, Ed will be having a press conference at the City-County Complex to officially announce his campaign to be re-elected as the 12th Circuit Solicitor (which serves Florence and Marion Counties). The press conference will be on the front steps of the City-County complex at 10am.

Ed and his office have done a great job dealing with juvenile offenders. Since 2003, the 12th Circuit's Juvenile Arbitration, PTI and Early Crime Prevention programs have donated over $32,000 dollars and over 55,000 community service hours to local organizations like Harvest Hope Food Bank, McLeod Children's Hospital, Weed & Seed, Manna House, Marion County Bare Cupboard and the Marion County Council on Aging.

We're pretty lucky to have the solicitor's office that we have. We routinely hear horror stories from around the state about the shady tactics and violations of rights that occur commonly through other circuits. We are lucky that kind of crap doesn't happen here. At the end of the day, everybody wins when cases are handled fairly. That's what we currently have here in the 12th. We should keep it that way.

So, if you are able, come out and show Ed your support Monday.

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