Sunday, April 4, 2010

BTPC bids farewell to Blake Carrington...

of Dynasty fame. Also known as Charlie from Charlie's Angels. Also known as actor John Forsythe. Forsythe died Thursday after a battle with cancer. He was 92. We are not ashamed to admit, the we grew up watching the happenings and intrigue of the Carrington clan on Dynasty. Sure, we were blown away by the beauty of greedy neice Sammy Jo (played by Heather Locklear) and the debut of Alexis secret daughter, the lovely Amanda (Catherine Oxenberg). But we are not ashamed to admit our crush was on Krystle, played woodenly by a pre-Yanni Linda Evans.

If you want to know how wonderful Dynasty was, just know this: Dynasty gave us terror attacks by terrorists from made up countries. Just google "Moldavian Massacre." Think how many potential allies shows like 24 or The Unit would have offended if Aaron Spelling and his cohorts had not come up with that little televonic device. long, Blake . We might just have to dab on a little of our old Carrington cologne for you.

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