Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Poor Young Eagles...

Seems that no body understands the trouble and turmoil in being a young conservative. It's not easy being young, rich and republican. At least that's the idea you get reading Politico's latest on the RNC's "Young Eagles" program: Life in the fast lane. What is "Young Eagles" other than a lame name? Well, apparently, it was the RNC's effort to be cool and reach out to younger Republicans. Yes...this is the program responsible for the egg-in-the-face revelations last week about the RNC spending $2000 at a West Hollywood erotic club.

The Young Eagles’ mission is to “define the future leaders of tomorrow by
creating a vibrant base of young, conservative-oriented members that can and
will take an active role in shaping the party’s message, as well as that of the
country, well into the future.”

Nothing like a good spanking to make that happen, right Guv'ner? The article is worth the read just to hear rich snots complaining about how unfair it is that all the cool stuff is "democrat" and also to see what a utterly wasteful program it has turned out to be. Long story short, the RNC has been pouring money into events for these rich kids and hardly any of them have donated any back. Now that's a good business model.

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