Monday, April 5, 2010

Wanna know how much of a maverick McCain is???

Why, John McCain is such a jagof...uh...we mean "maverick," that he ain't above trying to claim now that he never called himself a maverick. True story...McCain, who is facing a challenge from the right in this year's primary, is trying to convince anyone who will listen that he's really a die-hard Republican who never embraced a label that would suggest he strayed from the rest of the GOP sheep. Faced with attacks from a challenger who describes himself as "the consistent conservative," McCain is showing his true colors by being willing to say absolutely anything for votes.

Consider the following from a recent Newsweek article:

"Maverick" is a mantle McCain no longer claims; in fact, he now denies he ever was one. "I never considered myself a maverick," he told me. "I consider myself a person who serves the people of Arizona to the best of his abilities."

Forgetting the fact that McCain ran an ad during the presidential race that declared him the "original maverick." Or the fact that one of his books is titled, "Worth Fighting For: The Education of an American Maverick and the Heros who Inspired Him," lets just take a trip down memory lane, should we?

Remember...this is the best the GOP could offer up less than two years ago to run for President. The same man the Sunday morning talk shows continue to put on our screens at an alarming rate. Your 2010 GOP.

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