Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wukela endorses Gibson-Hye for City Council

This morning, City of Florence Mayor Stephen Wukela held a press conference and announced his endorsement of Pat Gibson-Hye for City Council District #2's seat. The District #2 seat is currently held by Councilman Ed Robinson. Gibson-Hye and Spencer Scott are both challenging Robinson in the upcoming Democratic primary.

Here is a transcript of Mayor Wukela's remarks:
There is talk and there is action.
There are words and there is work.
The last twenty years in District 2 have been filled with words and with

However, if you walk through the streets of Northeast Florence, it is
evident that for all of the words and for all of the talk, there has been
no change.

It is increasingly clear to me, that the representation for Northeast
Florence and the City has been incompetent and has failed its

The more evident this truth becomes, the more words we hear.
Louder words;
More aggressive words;
More hostile words;
More outrageous words;
But still...just words.

I stand here today to endorse my friend Pat Gibson-Hye. My candidate,
my friend and the best candidate for City Council District

I stand here with her today because she is a person of work, not
She is a person of action, not words.

I stand here today, because she is the leader that we need, the leader that
I need, to help change District 2, to help change Northeast Florence. I
encourage you to please support my friend, Pat Gibson-Hye for City Council
District 2.

Anyone want to guess whether or not Councilman Robinson will have a response?

Late Update: No Need! Here is Robinson's response, per WPDE's 7:00 newscast. After saying Mayor Wukela's endorsement is part of a "personal vendetta" against him, Robinson said:

The fact that he endorses somebody, does he think that that means that that person that people are gonna vote for? I say not. I think that the Mayor is running scared because he knows that when I win, now there's gonna be a problem between the two of us.

You'll have to forgive Ed. It's easy to understand how he could think endorsements don't matter. Just look how effective Ed's endorsements of Frank Willis and Rocky Pearce were.

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