Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bill O'Reilly can't handle the truth...

In case you've missed it, Fox News' personality (and original "Eric Cantor") Bill O'Reilly has been engaged in a little back and forth with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. Seems Bill doesn't like to be called a fear-mongering racist.

O'Reilly got his panties in a wad (is there anyone who doubts this man has tried on women's underpants? Frequently? Remember, he's a big fan of loofas) when Maddow noted, as the Shirley Sherrod matter was unfolding, O'Reilly's misguided role in pushing nonsense. Maddow then discussed how it was par for the course for Fox New, which seems to revel in pushing racial divisions. O'Reilly responded by boasting about his ratings, an argumentum ad populum. O'Reilly's illogical world, he thinks he is right because more people watch (and we suppose that means "agree") with him. In grown folks world, O'Reilly's argument is known as a logical fallacy, a misconception resulting from incorrect reasoning in argumentation.

BTW, someone should point out to Bill that his argument would mean that The Situation is right about more than either he or Maddow since the Jersey Shore dusts both of their asses. (That's probably right...we all know the importance of a Grenade Free America).

But Bill-O apparently is so put upon by being called out as a racist fear monger, that he couldn't let it go.

O'Reilly followed up in his syndicated column, calling Rachel a "loon," and calling the notion that Fox News is trying to scare white voters "preposterous." He labeled Rachel's comments "paranoid dishonest rants," lacking even "a shred of evidence." O'Reilly added that Fox News has great ratings.
Maddow responded by pointing out just what "evidence" she had. Seriously, watch the video Benen has in this linked article. Specifically from 5:30 on. That would be the part where O'Reilly is, during one of his show segments, explaining that white people are afraid of the black people, because the black people want to take their money.

Now...maybe Bill O'Reilly and Fox News are not really racist fear mongers, although that is certainly what they engage in. Maybe they're simply just whores, willing to sell their souls for ratings and being racist fear mongers brings in the ratings. But...when you're a whore willing to do anything for money, you don't get to object when someone points out that you are, indeed, a whore.

Stay classy, Bill O'Reilly and Fox News, and keep trying to keep the brown down.

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