Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dr. Laura has got the Fever...and the only cure is more N-word

In case you missed it, a black woman in an inter-racial marriage called Dr. Laura Schlessinger's radio show last week to complain about the relatives of her white husband 's family members and friends making racist remarks around her. Dr. Laura proceeded to pretty much blame the caller, calling her "hypersensitve," and then dropping the n-word almost a dozen times.

Despite coming out and saying she regretted her remarks and calling them wrong, Dr. Laura has now decided she loves the n-word so much, she's quitting her radio show so she can have the freedom to spend some more time with it.

So kudos...Dr.Laura. You're never too old to follow your dreams. And if your dream is being a racist, bigot...god bless you.

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