Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Karma: Frivolous lawsuits coming home to roost...

Anyone who lives in South Carolina, heard all about how Henry "Foghorn Leghorn" McMaster "pushed back" at President Obama and the Washington Radicals when they "pushed their unconstitutional takeover of health care."

Of course anyone who paid attention during US Government class understands that the Affordable Healthcare Act is not unconstitutional. Remember all that talk by Congressional Republicans about how things needed to go slow because health care was such a huge part of our economy? Ok...then hows about googling the "interstate commerce clause" and get back to us.'s hard to become attorney general and not have some general idea about the Constitution. So it's pretty safe to say all the AGs who signed on to the Obamacare suit have heard of Congress having the power to regulate interstate commerce. So why join up with a ridiculous and frivolous lawsuit? Political grandstanding of course. Henruh, as the commercial linked above shows, was in the middle of running for Guv'nur. How'd that work out for him? Not so good.

Last night, another original member of the dirty dozen AGs that first jumped aboard this lunacy train found out how well a campaign tactic this silly lawsuit was. Florida AG Bill McCollum lost the Republican gubernatorial primary to Rick "Moneybags" Scott.

That sparked us wondering whether the bizarre campaign strategy of wasting tax payers' funds on a frivolous lawsuit actually benefited any of these AGs. Our cursory research reveals that it certainly does not appear to have been a viable strategy. Alabama AG, Troy King lost big in the Republican primary. Michigan AG Mike Cox was another Republican trying to move up to the governor's mansion and lost in his party's primary. Utah's AG, Mark Shurtleff (R) must have seen the writing on the wall as he decided it would be better to serve out his term as AG rather than lose his bid for US Senate.

All told, we didn't find a single one of these original AGs, who was in a contested race, for whom this odd tactic proved successful. That doesn't really fit the anti-Obama, anti-socialism, tea party narrative, does it? We suppose it's fitting. After all, the folks above are all Republicans, the party that for decades have proclaimed that stopping frivolous lawsuits would solve all types of problems. Bit of karma that their reliance on a frivolous lawsuit has now bitten them in the ass.

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