Friday, August 27, 2010

If these candidates were the answer, WTF was the question?

After getting their teeth kicked in during the 2008 election, everyone who follows politics wondered what the Republican party was going to do. The Sarah Palin pick had proven to be a horrible idea. Sure, it "fired up" up the base, but only the extreme right of the base. Like a fluorescent light in the bathroom, the Palin pick highlighted every crazy flaw on the GOP's mug. Palin appealed to the ignorant, sexist, racist and crazy. Yep, that pretty much sums up dedicated Glenn Beck watchers.

Smart and thoughtful Republicans like former Utah Governor Jim Huntsman realized the GOP had lost the moral soapbox though their actions over the previous 8 years. Huntsman thought the loss could ultimately prove to be good for the Republican party, as it would have to wander out into the wilderness a little and "find itself." To Huntsman, that meant coming back to real conservative fiscal responsibility. Unfortunately, that hasn't worked out. The Republican party seems so intent on steering into the crazy skid at this point, that it's caused true deep thinkers like Huntsman to bail (Huntsman saw the delusional writing on the asylum wall and made a break for it, becoming President Obama's ambassador to China).

The simply truth, is one David Frum admitted to the world back in March.

Republicans originally thought that Fox worked for us and now we're discovering we work for Fox," Frum told ABC's Terry Moran. "And this balance here has been completely reversed. The thing that sustains a strong Fox network is the thing that undermines a strong Republican party.

Frum is right. Since the 2008 elections, Fox has embraced the loons and by doing so, has further and further legitimized them until it has reached the point where the loons are the ones the herd follows. The sane folks in the Republican party have created a monster that they can no longer control. If it wasn't so damn scary, it would be comical.

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