Saturday, August 14, 2010

Newt thinks you're a moron

Newt Gingrich's Twitter status today is:

President Obama profoundly wrong in misrepresenting ground zero mosque.There is no issue of religious liberty. He won't face truth

Won't face the truth, huh? That's rich. Say Newt...if religious liberty has nothing to do with the brouhaha over the Cordoba House, what's the fuss all about? As Benen points out:

If Feisal Abdul Rauf wanted to build a coffee shop at Park51 in lower Manhattan, two blocks from Ground Zero, would anyone even think to care? Would it be the subject of an intense national debate? Would conspicuously unintelligent demagogues refer to it as the "9/11 coffee shop" and/or the "Ground Zero coffee shop"? Would there be an expectation that mainstream Muslim Americans "refudiate" the coffee shop out of sensitivity to the victims of 9/11?

These need not be rhetorical questions, and this isn't intended as some kind of joke.

What if Rauf wanted to an up-scale clothing store? Or a Barnes & Noble? Or a place for consumer electronics? Or a nightclub? Would it be the "9/11 nightclub" and/or the "Ground Zero nightclub"?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that no one would care. Local officials responsible for reviewing building plans and zoning regulations would consider the proposal and make a reasoned decision. It'd generate a blurb in the local section of some NYC dailies -- if it even got that much attention.

But Feisal Abdul Rauf doesn't want a coffee shop or a nightclub. He found a location that used to house a Burlington Coat Factory -- not the Twin Towers -- and he wants to build a community center. The building would include a restaurant, a performing arts center, a place for worship, and a swimming pool. You'll notice that "terrorist training facility" is not included in the description

So let's really face the truth here. Newt Gingrich is a dishonest, morally corrupt POS, willing to say or do anything because his sycophantic peers and constituents have repeatedly rewarded him throughout the years with misplaced respect and status despite the fact that he routinely says things he knows to be intellectually dishonest or just downright false.

Newt...if you're audience were really the residents at a mentally handicapped center and you kept telling them bullshit like this, what would be the appropriate punishment for you?


bestmommy said...

Great post...always loathed this guy...why is he back in the public eye...he adds nothing of value...wish he would have stayed gone for good.

pluvlaw said...

It does not bode well for the Republican party that this guy, who was basically shamed out of power before, has re-emerged as a leader of their party.

On Morning Joe earlier this week, I heard Scarborough mention this jagoff "leads in Republican presidential preference polls." Really? How sad is that.

But it is funny watching Newt and all these other tired out GOPers try to outcrazy Palin. It's even funnier because they can't see a) that she has no desire to actually be President (that would be too hard and pay too little); b) you can't outcrazy crazy. Crazy can always go further than you; and, c) even if you succeed, you're gonna lose by forcing all the sane people to vote against you.