Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why Fareed Zakaira is more American than you

By "you" we mean anyone who is against the 9/11 Mosque. Zakaira is an editor of Newsweek and a host on CNN.

In case you missed it, Zakaira gave back the Humphrey Medal he was awarded a few years ago by the Anti-Defamation League. He did so because of their opposition to the Mosque/Cultural Center complex being built near Ground Zero.

Zakaira also happens to have been born in Mumbai, India. So how can he be more American than the god-fearing, gun-toting, born-&-Bred here, By-God Americans? Because he actually understands what America stands for and what is in our best interests.

Zakaira correctly points out that ever since 9/11, America has recognized the best way to battle radical Islam is to support moderate forces in Islam. The United States government has actively been funding mosques, schools and other centers around the world since 9/11 in an effort to delegitimize the radical and violent forces within Islam. EXCEPT, as Zakaira points out, if it is in our own backyard. Zakaira points out that if this mosque was being built anywhere else but here, the US government would be funding it. Instead, it's being built by a man who has spent his life pushing liberal interpretation of Islam. Liberal as in, "Allah doesn't want you to blow up non-Muslims." The guy's most recent book is titled "What's Right with Islam is What's Right with America."

See...Zakaira gets it. We should be embracing this mosque. We can never beat crazy. But what we can do is embrace the rest of the sane Islamic world to the point that their cries over the Great Satan fall on deaf ears because the world sees in America, we protect the freedoms of all. Not just of certain classes of citizens.

We don't always agree with Zakaira. But as far as this goes, brother Fareed is coming correct. Recognize.

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