Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sexual Napalm's Roster is set

We had our fantasy football draft today and we are pleased to unveil this year's roster. We had the #1 pick and wrestled with CJ or ADP. A coin flip decided it for us. (Round drafted)

QB = Phillip Rivers (5)

RB = Adrian Peterson (1), Cedric Benson (2) , Michael Bush (7), Ricky Williams (8), Toby Gerhart (12) & Bernard Scott (13)

WR = Brandon Marshall (3), Mike Sims-Walker (6), Malcolm Floyd (9), Bernard Berrian (10), Santonio Holmes (11) & Nate Burleson (14)

TE = Antonio Gates (4)

K = Dan Carpenter (16)

DT = Miami D/ST (15)

Hey...3 guys from just about every site's top 20: (ADP, Benson & Marshall). Hope they're right.

Rivers has a rookie RB and his stud LT is holding out. So we're a little nervous about that. But dude has a quick release and let's face it...until last season when Vincent Jackson blew up, when has Rivers ever had a stud WR? We think getting rid of LT is gonna actually free that offense up some more and they're gonna be a more explosive.

Pretty pleased with the RBs, as Benson's surprising survival to us for our 2nd round pick allowed us to get another top-10 back to pair with ADP. Ricky Williams will get a decent number of points each week and will have some weeks where he blows up. Gerhart and Scott will hopefully never see the "field" for the 'Palm but if they have to, at least we've got 'em.

Took Gates earlier than we've ever taken a TE. It was between him and Dallas Clark. If we wanted an upper-tier QB, we were going to have to pull the trigger and Clark and Gates are worth taking a little early. We figure Gates is gonna see a lot more chances with Vincent Jackson's holdout and LT now gone. We're hoping all those short goal line runs Norv wasted trying to keep LT happy are now play actions to Gates.

WR is a little weak. Total projection on Marshall and we may have let our heart have a little too much sway. But the guy is a beast and we think he's gonna be fierce down around the goal line. Floyd has the chance to be the man now with Jackson's holdout (we think Jackson is gonna be traded anyway). Burleson is reunited with Scott Linehan. Last time they were together, Nate had his best season being option B to a physical-freak WR named Randy Moss. We're hoping Nate and Linehan reprise that role with Calvin Johnson. We had Berrian last year and he did absolutely nothing for us. But with Rice and Harvin ailing, Berrian should be the # WR target for HIM to start the season. Like Gust said...we'll see. Hopefully, we'll be sitting a little better after week 4 when Holmes' suspension ends.

Obviously Carpenter and Miami D were homer picks. But we think Nolan's unit is gonna get after it.

So there you have it. Sexual Napalm 2010...championship.

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