Sunday, October 10, 2010

How to tell when Nikki Haley is lying...

The key tipoff is her lips are moving.

Yesterday, The State newspaper exposed yet another lie by Nikki. In a June 14, 2010 interview with The State, Haley denied she was asked to leave her $110,000-a-year position (a position which certainly appears to have been created just for her).

Records obtained by The Associated Press show her departure was anything but smooth. E-mails between Haley and her bosses show she did not want to leave or take a hiatus, as offered. After a negotiation between attorneys, she left with $35,000 severance and a promise from hospital administrators they would say nothing to embarrass her or question her integrity.
Oops...Another example of how full of shit Nikki Haley is, was her solution to the problem:

The foundation’s director, Tim James, wrote hospital CEO Mike Biediger that he was having trouble arranging a meeting with Haley.

“Despite my constant efforts to have Nikki come in over the past three days, she has failed to come in to meet with me,” he wrote, adding Haley knew what the meeting was about. “To me, this exemplifies that fact that a leave of absence is warranted.”

They met March 15, according to a March 30 e-mail, and James accused Haley of not working during the previous two weeks. He wrote she was being put on annual leave until the issue was resolved, unless she wanted to return to work according to her written duties – which included spending at least 10 hours weekly in the office and attending various meetings.

“I do not choose to take annual leave, nor do I consent to ‘being placed on annual leave,’” she responded. Haley denied ever stopping work, accusing James of changing staff meeting days. She referred the issue to attorneys.

What??? Wonder if those were "trial attorneys." Guess Nikki has no problem associating with trial lawyer scum when she's trying to shake down a non-profit to pay her for not working. Stay classy, lady.

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