Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rand Paul does not like wearing his shoes on the other foot...

The Kentucky US Senate race is getting ugly. Democratic nominee, Jack Conway, has drawn the ire of Republican (and Tea Partier) nominee Rand Paul for an ad that the Paul camp calls "despicable” and “desperate.”

Personally, we don't think a candidates religious beliefs should factor in to any political race. We subscribe to the notion that a person's spiritual beliefs are personal and should remain that way, that they have no business in the public arena whatsoever.

“Jack Conway stepped way over the line and released a shameful and despicable ad that questions Dr. Paul’s Christian faith,” the campaign said in a statement. “Personal attacks on Rand’s faith are way out of bounds.”

For the past two decades, the religious right in this country, mainly through the Republican party, have made religion an issue. Ever since the GOP started kissing up to groups like the Christian Coalition, Focus on the Family, etc., a standard tactic of the right has been to cast aspersions against the opposition's "values."

So, excuse of us if we fail to shed a tear for the Paul campaign. That shoe doesn't feel so well on the other foot, does it?

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