Sunday, October 24, 2010

Celebrating the 'Pine: Best of BTPC from '08 through '09

Earlier this week, we did a post pointing out that the BTPC had made it to our 2 year birthday. It's seems so long ago that we decided to start venting ourselves via a blog. Mostly it was stress relief, but it also provided us with an excuse to write a little for fun, which we had missed terribly since entering "the real world."

Several months ago, we started going through the archives and pulled some of our favorite posts. There is no rhyme or reason for the posts we selected. They just represent thoughts, ideas or happenings that, in looking back on the past two years, made some kind of impression on us.

For those of you that have taken time out of your day to occasionally come over and peruse our site, thank you. We hope everyone who does check us out, reads this site in the spirit it is intended. Foolish wisecracking, sarcasm and commentary that really does not take itself seriously. Neither should you.

Thanks again.

First post =

1-Vote election =

NASA cribs Mr. Show:

Dirty women’s soccer player:

The Wire 100 quotes:


The Aughts:

BTPC man of the year:

Todd Willingham case:

SC we do crazy right:

Nothing sucks worse than GA:

Swayze dies:

Captain Lou dies:

Hader’s Carville impersonation:

Big USC win:

Rev. Lowrey’s Innaugural benediction:


Best campaign commercial evah:

First Blair video:


Reino hunts me down:

HCR coming:

Parnell rap:

Coal Plant:

80s Shawshank:

Dolphins from worst to first:

Post on Exec Orders on torture and benefits of law:

Norm and Al, Kramer Crazy video:

Steele in as chairman:

Obamas first address, live blog:

Jon Stewart pwns Cramer:

Stewart as Conkrite (birther):

Stewart on SC:

FLO CO GOP feuding:



Top Gun gay:

We lost Captain Chaos:

McCmaster. Busted.

CEB Day:

Carradine dead:

Revolution in Iran?:

Speeding tickets:

Slower keep right:

Madmen slogans:

McMahon, Michael and Farrah:

Media whoring for access:

RIP McCourt:

Live-blogging The Bachelorette:

Most interesting man in the world:

Teddy K:


Farrell and Grohl, Leather and Lace:

Everday Normal Guy rap:

DeadWood pancakes

Dead Wood Best of Al

The D – Squeezebox:

Kanye gay fish:

Taco Bell Folk Song Order:

Creepy Different Strokes:

Bert and Ernie gangsta:

Henson’s 11:

Lip Dub Flagpole sitta:

Ladies night:

Wheelbarrow race:

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Mike Reino said...

As honored as I am to be listed a one of the Best Posts of that first year, I have to admit .... Top Gun Gay is my favorite. Two years later, and I still send people there.