Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sharron Angle is a racist moron who thinks you don't know geography...

We watched to whole US Senate debate this week between Republican Candidate/crazy person Sharron Angle and Democrat incumbent Harry Reid.

Make no mistake about it, Reid is as charismatic and convincing as drying paint. Why Democrats choose to let this vulnerable milquetoast be the leader in the United States Senate is beyond us.

Be that as it may, Angle is straight up insane. We're talking laugh-out-loud-hilarious, but bone-chilling-frightening-if-she-were-to-actually-be-elected scary. If you want a recap of her performance, here it is: Question from moderator, followed by Angle's nervous tick laugh-then-smile, then an answer involving one of three terms (Obamacare, bailout, stimulus).

It's not just that Angle is incredibly misinformed (that she is), but that she actually is so stupid she either a) doesn't realize it; or b) thinks she's "smart" enough that people will buy her bullshit.

Her latest doozy? Trying to peddle a line of BS to local high school Latino students that her racist ads about immigration do not portray Hispanics as evil and in fact, she might be talking about, as Pauly D and The Situations would call it, Canadia.

"I think that you're misinterpreting those commercials," said Angle, a tea party favorite who has rallied for stricter border enforcement.

Angle told the students she was "not sure that those are Latinos in that commercial" and appeared to suggest that the ad seeks to draw attention to the danger of potential terrorists entering the country from Canada.

You tell us. The pic here is from the Angle ad "Thanks, pal" which it appears to have been pulled from the internets. But you've still got her "Best Friend" ad up on YouTube. We suppose you have to forgive Angle. She was, after all, a teacher. Perhaps she thinks these kids were taught by people as moronic as she and that the kids don't realize that Nevada borders Mexico and not Canada. Or perhaps she's a disingenuous lying POS, who has a sense of self-righteous entitlement that allows her to say absolutely anything in order to get elected. Or perhaps she's both.

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