Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week 6 picks: NFL gives us some help with our Monday night tv viewing dilemma

Ahhh....week 6 of the NFL season. Whenever we think of the number 6, we can't help but think of the lovely Tricia Helfer, who played Number 6 of the Significant Seven on the Battlestar Galactica series. If this is the type of Cylon we can look forward to constructing, then having dominate us...ok. We're down with that.

Moving on to the picks, as you can see, last week we went our perfect and customary .500. Freaky isn't it? A word of warning going into this week, we're not totally sure how badly the Gamecocks choke job in Lexington has affected us. So be wary...

STEELERS (-13.5) v. Browns
Because it's the Return of the Mack...

BTPC pick: Steelers laying 13.5

BUCS (+4.5) v. Saints
So how much more are the Saints looking like a team of "destiny" last season? Because they sure don't look very good right now, do they? Ok, Breesus...we're gonna give you one more shot. If you can't get your team fired up after getting your teeth kicked in by the lowly Cardinals, then you're dead to us. The smart pick here is to take the better team that's GETTING points AT HOME. But we're gonna role the dice on Brees' mole...

BTPC pick: Saints laying 4.5

Chargers (-8.5) v RAMS
Marcus McNeal will finally be active. The Rams best WR is the white guy from Dallas' Hard Knocks season.

BTPC pick: Chargers laying 8.5

Dolphins (+3) v. PACKERS
Sparano, Henne and Marshall had an extra week to hear all the naysayers. Aaron Rodger is concussed. Clay Matthews is out. The Dolphins are perfect on the road.

BTPC pick: UPSET SPECIAL. Dolphins getting 3.

Falcons (+3) v. EAGLES
Atlanta has only lost to the Steelers. Playing outside worries us for this Falcon's team because we think their D is much better on carpet. But Atlanta has so far taken care of business. Philly...not so much

***Late update: Changed our mind. John Abraham is out. Philly is tough for traveling QBs and Ryan sucks on the road.

BTPC pick: Eagles laying 3.

PATRIOTS (-3) v. Ravens
Billy B and the boys have something to prove after cutting Moss loose. Tommy B has something to prove to Justin Bieber after the runt dissed QB GQ in his "rap" video. We think that's a sign of how far Brady and the Pats have fallen. Four years ago, a little piss ant like Justin would not have dared to take on the Pats QB. Now, you got Mrs. Brady making out with wimpy looking Euros and everyone smells blood in the water. And if Bieber smells it, you know Ray Lewis does too.

BTPC pick: Ravens getting 3.

Chiefs (+4.5) v. TEXANS
How about that Houston Texans bandwagon, huh? Plenty of room now...

BTPC pick: Chiefs getting 4.5

GIANTS (-10) v. Lions
So, this will probably be Shaun Hill's last start before Matthew Stafford comes back and he gets to privilege of going up against a red hot Giants D (13 sacks in last 2 games), most likely without Calvin Johnson. Gee...thanks.

BTPC pick: G-men laying 10.

Seahawks (+6.5) v. BEARS
Someone explain to us again why Green Bay didn't trade for Marshawn Lynch and instead let him go to Seattle?

BTPC pick: Seahawks plus 6.5

Raiders (+7) v. NINERS
Last week, the Raiders beat the Chargers while the Niners were busy blowing yet another game.

BTPC pick: Raiders getting 7.

BRONCOS (+3) v. Jets
Last week, we took the Jets. We refuse to do that 2 weeks in a row. West coast trip after big Monday night win makes that easier.

BTPC pick: Broncos getting 3.

VIKINGS (-1.5) v. Cowboys
Wow...a matchup of the most disappointing, talent-laden squads around. Which terrible coach can give this game away? This just in, for all those of you who think Brett Favre has simply been setting up an excuse to bail on the Vikings with his "injury," Ed Werder said this morning it's a legitimate injury, Brett pulled down his sleeve and showed Ed a "lump" on his elbow. We recommend Brett use that same tactic with NFL security and explain that he was simply showing Jenn Sterger tendonitis of his cock. BTW, could someone give Brett Wade Phillips' daughter's cell number?

BTPC pick: Vikes giving the 1.5.

Colts (-3) v. REDSKINS
We're not interested in going against Peyton Manning at night. Are you?

BTPC pick: Indy giving 3.

Who would you rather spend Monday night with? Yvonne Strahovski or David Garrard?

Titans (-3) v. JAGS
We'd like to personally thank the NFL schedulers for helping us out with out Monday night television viewing dilemma. With House, HIMYM, Dancing with the Stars (for the lady), Chuck, Castle and Hawaii 5.0 all on Monday nights, a good MNF game makes an already difficult DVR-actual viewing problem impossible. Thanks to this crappy match-up, that's one huge block of tv viewing freed up. Thanks.

BTPC pick: Titans laying 3.

Last Week: 7-7 Upset Special: 0-0 (didn't pick one)
Season to date: 35-38-3 Upset specials 3-1
Career to date: 161-160-11

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