Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week 5 picks

Bucs (+6.5) v. BENGALS

Remember when Carson Palmer used to be a Pro Bowl quarterback? Yeah...we don't either.

BTPC pick = Bucs getting 6.5

Falcons (-3) v. BROWNS
God the Falcons are not exciting at all, are they?

BTPC pick = Falcons laying 3.

BILLS (+1) v. Jags
Do the Bills avoid the 0-16 season?

BTPC pick = Bills +1

Chiefs (+7) v. COLTS
How many times did you hear,m "Who had the Chiefs as the lone unbeaten going into week 5?"

BTPC pick = Chiefs getting 7.

LIONS (-3) v. Rams
The Lions are favored? Really?

BTPC pick = Lions -3

REDSKINS (+2.5) v. Packers
Are the Packers the best team with a unsettling bad record?

BTPC pick = Pack -2.5

Bears (+1) v. PANTHERS
Jimmy Claussen, Julius Peppers. Julius Peppers, Jimmy Claussen.

BTPC pick = Bears +1

RAVENS (-7) v. Broncos
So the Ravens don't even have to bother defending the run here. BTW, the game where we find out just how good Kyle Orton is.

BTPC pick = Ravens -7

TEXANS (-3) v. Giants
Houston should be pissed at this line.

BTPC pick = Houston -3

CARDS (+7) v. Saints
If the Saints can't beat the Cards by 7, they may be as bad as they've looked.

BTPC pick = Saints -7

Titans (+7) v. COWBOYS
Jeff Fisher likes being the underdog. Jeff Fisher gets pissed when he's a 7-point dog.

BTPC pick = Titans +7

Chargers (-6) v. RAIDERS
If Al Davis is still alive, we bet he really likes this Phillip Rivers guy.

BTPC pick = Chargers -6

49ERS (-3.5) v. Eagles
Not good for the Eagles to have to travel all the way to SF after the big McNabb showdown last week.

BTPC pick = 49ers -3.5

JETS (-4) v. Vikings
Did you hear that Brett Favre likes wearing Crocs, nothing else, pleasuring himself and sending a photo of it to this chick?

Why? Because he's Brett Eff'ing Favre, that's why.

BTPC pick = Jets -4

Last Week: 5-9 Upset Special 0-1
Season to date: 28-31-3 Upset specials 3-1
Career to date: 154-153-11

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