Monday, July 26, 2010

BP thinks you are an imbecile

Good news, everybody! British Petroleum has concluded they're not grossly negligent for the Gulf Oil Spill. Whew...that's a load off our mind. For a while there, we thought our faith in the goodness of corporations (borne from the Gekkoian philosophy that "greed is good") was misplaced. Nice to know it wasn't the altruistic corporation that was to blame.

Now...let's get to work on taking down that big, bad government!

If only this method could work for our clients. Good news. After a thorough investigation, we are pleased to announce Mr. Manson did not kill the LaBianca's and Sharon Tate, nor did he attempt to incite a race war. He is in fact, Not Guilty. Now, if you do not mind, State of California, please relase our client.

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