Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There's a man in the port-a-john selling aftershave. What's that all about?

As is the usual custom, we were forced to sit through Entertainment Tonight last night and caught a piece on Bill and Hillary's single-handed attempt to stimulate upstate NY's economy, aka Chelsea's wedding.

At a rumored price tag of $3 million dollars, you just know there has to be some ridonkulous extravagance. Look no further than the shitters. The Clinton's will supposedly be dropping $15k on high-end portable bathroom trailers.

"The Clintons would opt, fittingly, for the Presidential Series Luxury
Washrooms, which are equipped with vanities for the ladies, sinks with hot
water, marble interior, air conditioning, skylights and flushing toilets, plus
plenty of paper products and soap."

We can't help but hope Eric Hyman and the Gamecock Club have seen these trailers and have an entire fleet awaiting us on the fairgrounds this year.

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