Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wait...you mean we aren't supposed to have girlfriends?

Anyone who follows this blog knows we are addicted to the reality television train wrecks that are The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Well, last night, our early pick to win it, Frank broke our young damsel's heart by picking his "ex"-girlfriend over Ali.

Let us be perfectly clear, we picked Frank because everyone knows these couples never last. And what better pick is there of a coupled doomed to split up, than an annoying-fake-laughing, young blond and an obviously closeted "retail manager." (For the record, we think "retail manager" means the guy who dresses the mannequins. *fingersnap* Hey...)

Seriously, we're pretty sure Frank and his girlfriend were on the outs because Frank stole the jeans and tank top he wore during last week's hometown date from his "ex." Anyway...check out the video below where Jimmy Kimmel points out Frank foreshadowed this dilemma earlier.

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