Friday, April 10, 2009

Come on, Mr. President...

I am more than a little concerned that the Obama administration appears to be dragging their feet on some things that candidate Obama was fully against. And these things are issues a former attorney and con law professor knows are wrong.

The Obama administration has apparently embraced W's "state secrets privilege" and in the prosecution of Gitmo detainees, prosecutors are eff'ing with discovery. Failing to turn over Exculpatory Evidence! That is horseshit.

David Cynamon -- a lawyer for four Kuwaiti Gitmo detainees who are bringing
habeas corpus claims against the government -- said that the Justice Department
has been consistently dragging its heels in the case, denying detainees their
basic due process rights and furthering what he called the "abandonment of the
rule of law."

"The Department of Justice has been doing everything in its power to
delay and obstruct these cases," said Cynamon

Now I can understand everything can't happen quickly. But a man of Obama's background ought to see this stuff and he should be offended as I am and should be jerking a knot in Justice. Closing Gitmo is great, but it doesn't help if the entire attitude of how to treat the detainees is not changed. As Cynamon explains:

"What I have been hoping for, and am getting increasingly
frustrated about, is to see that closing Guantanamo be matched with a change in
policy at the Justice Department to actually try to get these cases heard to
test the evidence and then to determine, if there's no evidence, to release
these people. That part I haven't seen at all."

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