Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Country First! But Eff Minnesota...

The Minnesota Senate race has been undecided for so long that "it's sort of like the Iraq war," says Bruce Carlson of Brooklyn Park, Minn. "People almost forget that it's still going on."
Right you are, Mr. Carlson.

A three-judge state panel is expected to conclude counting the last batch of contested ballots today. Franken is up 225 votes and expected to prevail. Not only has Coleman been stymied at every turn, his legal team has resembled the keystone cops. (Check here, here and here to reminisce).

It really is an odd situation now. If the recount goes as expected, Coleman has no shot of winning. But everyone seems certain he will appeal to the US Supreme Court. Why? Because for Republicans, it ain't about winning. It's about keeping one more Democrat out of the Senate. You know, that makes a real interesting dilemma for Coleman. He is getting pushed HARD to keep this thing going. Money is pouring in from Republicans all over, who could care less about the sanctity of the election process. They are willing to donate until it hurts to keep the Dems from getting one step closer to filibuster-proof.

SCOTUS should not hear the case. Then again, they shouldn't have heard Bush v. Gore either. I know, I know...there you go, whining over the past. But seriously, Bush v. Gore was so eff'd up and ridiculous, even SCOTUS said, "Uh...don't ever try to use this case again." (Which Coleman's legal team has tried to do, by the way). My conlaw Professor clerked for Justice Stevens during the 2000 election. The clerks would work on a rotation, following cases that may come before the Court. Prof. Siegel said everyone was so sure they would not hear Bush v. Gore, that he gave it up (it was his case to follow) and went on a holiday trip. He got the call while he was on the people mover in the Venetian or some other Vegas hotel.

Late update: The votes have been counted and it looks like Franken's lead has increased to 312.

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