Monday, April 13, 2009

Glutton for punishment

Guess who lost AGAIN in Minnesota? No...not the Vikings. No...not the Gophers. No...not the Twins. It's Norm Coleman, silly.

But don't you worry. Norm's gonna keep knockin' that noggin into the wall until he the wall breaks (not hardly) or he turns every one off with the bloody carnage that is his political career. Meanwhile, an interesting question may be how many judges are left on the bench to hear any further appeal.

Perhaps Norm's rubbin his sore noggin' in this pic. Poor little fella.


Mike Reino said...

Dr. Coleman, the patient is Dead. Let him go. Pete Tagliani for Senator !

Mike Reino said...

I'm sorry, i just had a second thought. This is beginning to remind me of the scene in 'Office Space', where they take the copier out to beat the crap out of it.... Except the copier is kicking Coleman's ass instead.

pluvlaw said...

Coleman is DONE in politics. D. O. N. E. People HATE sore losers. And the GOP ought to realize they are pushing people to Franken now. They are handing Stuart Smalley the gravitas of a statesman by the bucketload. And its gonna be the national party that pushes any further appeals. What???They are satisfied with how low their approval ratings are now? They want to try to bottom out or something?

Who are the geniuses who decide these strategies?