Monday, April 13, 2009

President Pwns! Pundits & Pirates

I'm sure most of you have heard about the resolution of the Somali Pirate situation. Funny...if you had been watching tv this weekend, you would have thought the US was about to fall off the precipice thanks to the incompetence of the Obama administration.

Look at the video below. Most of these clips were being recorded DURING the actual rescue. Newt was actually twittering about how bad President Obama was doing right up until the news broke. Then the tweets...Just. Stopped.

That's some rescue: taking out pirates and shutting up one of the all-time blowhards...

Now, I am in no way insinuating that the President had much of anything to do with this rescue. But what he did do, by all accounts, was assess the situation. Listen to the advice of his military commanders. Give the go ahead. Then he left it in the hands of the command and the operators. Hey, Newt and Co., in case you were wondering, that's real leadership. It ain't coming out in front of cameras and talking tough. It's making decisions, letting the folks who's job it is go about their business and then being there at the end to accept responsibility: good or bad. I don't think President Obama deserves any special accolades for this. And I ain't stupid enough to think he'd get any from these jagoffs. But in this case, the silence is deafening...and it says a lot. Sit. Down. And. Shut. The. Eff. Up.

Blowhard meet egg. Enjoy.

Late Update: Last night on Hannity's show, Bernard Goldberg (the Real Sports no means an Obama fan), called Hannity to task on an increasing problem in the conservative community: the fanatical desire to attack President Obama on everything he does.

"I'm sorry, Sean ... but we have to stop going out of our way to find fault with
every single thing [the president] does.... If something bad happened here, and
thank God it didn't, but if something bad happened here, I guarantee you, I'll
tell you who would have been leading the crusade against [Obama]: you."

It brings up any interesting issue for the most vehement Obama-haters: Where will you go from here? Seriously, the guy has been in office less than half a year and he is already a commie-facist (not sure how that's possible) who is surrendering the United States to terrorists while talking with them in code. Hey, Chicken Little...what you gonna tell everyone when the sky don't fall?

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