Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Incredible Bust

ESPN has a new interview up with former Michigan State and #2 pick in the 1989 NFL draft, Tony Mandarich. (Troy Aikman went #1 that year). It's an interview that pretty much mirrors the one Mandarich gave Insided the NFL back in October, but its pretty good.

Of course, the biggest bust of all-time is probably Ryan Leaf.
For the record, I was a Leaf guy. Manning had never won a big game and Leaf just dwarfed him in physical talent, he was bigger and stronger. Seriously, go back and look at the video of Leaf in college. He was an athletic Drew Bledsoe. Leaf had also ended WSU's 60+ year Rose Bowl drought after helping them win their first PAC-10 Championship in history. Manning could never beat Florida and TN had gotten owned in the Orange Bowl that year by Nebraska.
Of course, what I was not privy to, was how much of an immature prick Leaf was at the time. There's a report that the Colts asked them both what would happen if they took the other guy. Leaf kind of blew them off and said whatever, your loss. Manning told them he would never lose to them and work to make sure they regretted the decision the rest of his career. It should be said, Leaf's "laid back" attitude was known and reported at the time and many thought it would benefit him in the NFL. Basically the theory was that the pressure and stress would roll off him, not get to him. Anyone who remembers his tirade at the reporter after his miserable 3rd game against KC (1-15, 3 fumbles, 2 ints) knows that ain't so.

So next week, when hope springs eternal for us NFL fans, remember, the draft is a crapshoot.

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