Thursday, April 30, 2009

She's lost that loving feeling...

Well...she really didn't lose it. Turns out Goose and Maverick were just fishing with the wrong bait.

This really comes as no surprise. I mean, after all, Top Gun was one of the greatest scripts ever written in the history of Hollywood. Why? Because while you think its about a bunch of fighter pilots, it's really about a man's struggle with his own homosexuality.

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Mike Reino said...

Simply Awesome, P-Luv! I had no idea... Me & Rick play Top Gun when we get bored at work. I'm always Goose... Does that mean something that I'm always the Tailgunner ?????

They've got a point. The Volleyball scene is pretty fruity, although Slider does a pretty flawless six pack going on there. His lithe frame is simply sublime... Uhh, I gotta get some sleep. I Wuv Tom Kwooz !!!!!