Thursday, June 11, 2009

Batshit Bachman is Back, Baby...

Steve Benen has a post up pointing out Republican Congresswoman Michelle Bachman's most recent ridiculousness. It's pretty damn funny what Batshit Bachman is complaining about now.

Bachman is accusing the Obama administration of creating a "gangster government" where only businesspeople with ties to Democrats will be able to thrive. As proof of this, she points to a story about Dem. Senator Amy Klobuchar helping GMC dealer Paul Walser keep his dealership, Bloomington Pontiac GMC, open. Just one little problem: "Her primary piece of evidence is a dealership in her own state owned and operated by a Republican who hasn't contributed to a Democrat on the federal level in at least 10 years."
Some highlights:
$6,700 to Michele Bachmann
$43,000 to the Minnesota
Republican Party
$5,100 to Norm Coleman
$7,350 to Bush and McCain
$0 for Democrats

As Jed Lewison summarized:

That leaves us with two possibilities: either the Obama administration [officials] are the least competent conspirators ever, or Michele Bachmann is a paranoid and delusional freak.

Uh...I'm going with answer B, Jed.

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