Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kate Gosselin to her daughter: "Yeah...well people in hell want water too, Mady."

Today, it's depriving her daughter Mady of water. Obviously tired and thirsty from sitting in front of a kleig lights and cameras, Mady tells her mom she's going to get dehydrated. Kate is too busy telling Alexis how adorable balancing her hat on her head is, know...that will make great tv.

Mady points out to her mom that she hasn't had a drink all day, which reminds Fraulein Kate that's she's a little parched herself. After getting her own bottle of water and taking a sip, RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER DAUGHTER, she puts the top on and places it on the other side of the chair, just in case Mady got a little handsy and tried to get herself a drink. Kate then explains that after the next interview, "Judy" will somehow manage to get you kids some drinks. That's right're the B listers here. In case you missed it, with all the hot adultery rumors going on and with her bikini photos out there, Mama is hot shit. You younguns can wait.

After Mady tells her mom, "You are so mean. You drank it right in front of my face." Kate makes a half-hearted effort to get it to her before explaining, "we can't right now, we're going on."

Mother of the Year! (in Dick Cheney's Opinion...)

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