Monday, June 1, 2009

The Wire Season 2 revisited

Alan Sepinwall has started his summer revisiting of The Wire. This time, he's doing season 2. If you never watched The Wire, Sepinwall's reviews are a great way to watch and follow the show.

In my opinion, season two is where this show took off. When it first premiered, I hated it. I wanted to see the drug trade stuff. I wanted to know what was happening in the towers and in the pit. I missed Wallace, Bodie, Poot, Stringer and Avon. But then something happened. By the end of season two, I realized The Wire was not your regular show. David Simon and crew were doing something different. They didn't care what you wanted. They had a story to tell, they were gonna tell it and it was up to you to follow only. By the time the show had ended, season two was my favorite. I have gone back and watched this season more than any other. After subsequent seasons, I realized just how good season two was. And how it taught viewers how to follow along.

So if you get the chance, go out and pick up season two and follow Sepinwall along. It's a great summer journey.

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