Friday, June 19, 2009

Stay classy, John Ensign

If you paid any attention to the news this week, you saw where Senator John Ensign (R-NV) admitted to having an affair with a married woman who not only worked on his staff, but whose husband also worked for him.

While it's bad enough the Senator had an affair, it's even worse that in admitting to it, he chose to have his staff leak that his hand was forced, basically accusing the cuckolded husband had attempted to extort him. (And it's simply just downright funny that these two guys met through Promise Keepers).

Ensign better be shooting straight on this. Because if he isn't he just handed Doug Hampton one hell of a defamation lawsuit. The Las Vegas Sun has a copy of a letter Hampton sent to Fox News 5 days before Ensign did his mea culpa. While that letter doesn't prove Hampton did not attempt to extort Ensign, it lays out some easily verifiable facts about what happened once he found it. If those bad boys check out and Ensign can't prove this guy tried to extort money from him, he could very well get lit up by a jury. What person doesn't think a jury would want to stick it to a sleezebag politician who not only slept with his friends wife, but did it while being a "promise keeper" and then threw the friend under the bus when explaining why he was admitting the affair. Classy, John. Real classy.

In an effort to wipe some the stink off his own ass, he may have opened himself up to having a big chunk taken out of it. Couldn't have happened to a classier fella.

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