Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hey Mitt, I've got a question...

Why are you such a douche?

Seriously, on This Week this morning, the Romster managed to find a way to blame Obama for what is going on in Iran:

"[T]he comments by the president last week that there was a robust debate
going on in Iran was obviously entirely wrong-headed. What has occurred is that
the election is a fraud, the results are inaccurate, and you're seeing a brutal
repression of the people as they protest.
"The president ought to come out
and state exactly those words, indicate that this has been a terribly managed
decision by the autocratic regime in Iran.

"It's very clear that the president's policies of going around the
world and apologizing for America aren't working.... [J]ust sweet talk and
criticizing America is not going to enhance freedom in the world."

What. A. Hack.

Hey, can you say there was not a "robust debate" going on? The challenger apparently won. Seems like the robust debate actually worked. Unfortunately, now...the powers that be are refusing to acknowledge the results of that debate. You ought to know all about spinning the results of a debate. Think back to when your campaign said you won some of those Presidential debates...

As Benen points out, Scarborough is the voice of sanity for the GOP here:

"[T]he law of unintended consequences came in again. I suspect that Cairo
speech really scared the grand ayatollahs in Iran. If they were going to fix an
election, this was the time to fix it, because the last thing they wanted to do
was Barack Obama take credit for reformers winning in Iran, like they already
have in Lebanon. And by the way, in the short term that's bad news for us. I
think in the long term, though -- if the ayatollahs are seen stealing an
election, as a result from what Barack Obama did in Cairo -- I actually think
that's a positive for the United States and Iran in the long run."

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