Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shep Smith versus Rush and the rest

Give it up for Shep Smith. The man has increasingly become the lone, sane voice of reason over at FoxNews. And for that, he is now feeling the heat from conservatives, including Grand Poobah of the GOP, Rush Limbaugh.

What's got them riled up? Remember that DHS report from a while back? You know the one about extremists here in the US. The one Republicans got all worked up over, claiming this was nothing more than the Obama administration targeting conservatives. Well, Shep pointed out what is painfully honest: the report was right. And you know what...all the crap that comes out of the mouths of these pundits isn't helping matters. The other day on his show, a friend told me that Rush actually used the phrase Obama's socialization of America had to be stopped "by any means necessary."

O'Reilly ran numerous segments on Dr. Tiller and calling ham a "baby killer" and referring to his clinic as a "death mill."

These people use this inciteful rhetoric and then want to act like they hold no responsibility for the extreme acts that occur as a result of unstable people acting on that rhetoric. I thought a core tenet of conservatism was personal responsibility.

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