Thursday, September 3, 2009

Are you ready for some football?

 is back! Tonight, the South Carolina Gamecocks kick off the football season by traveling up to Raleigh, North Carolina for a date with the Wolfpack.

I have to admit, I have absolutely no idea what to expect from the Gamecock team. My most recent "Spurs and Feathers" has Garcia on the cover with the caption basically saying the season's hopes are in Garcia's hands.

That's scary...considering the only two things we know Garcia handles well are car keys and beers. But...if you're Spurrier, what are you gonna do? Part of me wants to hope that Spurrier has been low key and maybe that means he's getting ready to shock some people. Then the other part of me says Spurrier is being low-key because he's facing the 8th toughest schedule in the nation and he's walking his very inexperienced team into hostile Carter-Finley and Sanford stadiums to start the season off. That's two tough tests for a young QB who arguably only had one good half of football last year.

So who's it going to be? I really do not like our chances in this game. We whupped up on NC State this time last year and knocked their freshman QB out of the game. You know Wilson will remember that and want a little revenge. Tom O'Brien is good coach and has had a long time to prepare. NC State did not lose the players USC lost, it's a home game and 'Pack faithful will be primed to open the college football season on their home turf in front of a national tv audience.

Did I mention this will be the first time since the ESPY's that we've gotten a "peep" at Erin Andrews? And yes...I used "peep." (That video was enough to make the Nature Boy go: WHOOOOO!!!! Definitely custom made from head to toe.)

You know...I'm truly sorry she feels so violated. I've heard Andrews on the Sportsguy's podcast and she seems really cool. I flew in a small plane with her, Herby and Fowler and about 5 other people into Starkville a few years ago and can say she seems like a genuinely nice person. She spoke and chatted with a dozen fans that came up and approached her, never acting like it bothered her or anything. But telling Oprah how it was a "nightmare" and how she opened your computer up and could feel her heart "pounding" ( did I!)? Come on. You are an incredibly good looking lady and without those looks you'd probably be doing the weather or sports for the local news. Here's a tip. STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. No one would have known about the damn video in the first place if ESPN send their cease & desist letters in the first place. It's out there, let it go.

Anyway...back to the game. I can't help but think back to early in Spurrier's stint at Biully-Brice, when he had to completely change his offense because he knew his only chance at winning was with Syvelle Newton at QB. I have a small hankering (that I am feverishly fueling) that we are in store to a similar Spurrier epiphany, courtesy of our car-keying, beer-drinking, sniffin' glue QB. (Ok...I made that last one up, so I could hum the Beasties in my head). That renaissance begins tonight.

'Cocks 27 - 'Pack 23.

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