Thursday, September 10, 2009

The National Football League kicks it off

Ahh....yeah. Tonight is the kickoff of the 2009 NFL season, which means it's time for the BTPC to pull out the old prognosticating cap, buckle down in front of the keyboard and tempt the gods by trying to predict the games. Just a reminder, the betting lines are for "entertainment purposes only."

So let's get it on.

STEELERS (-6) over Titans = I just can't go with a team that counts on Kerry Collins to put two back to back seasons of good football. I also can't go against a team who is coached by GQ from Juice.

Additionally, Lendale "No More Tequila" White (I wonder if he can sell that nickname to Shawn Merriman...Lendale, call me. I'll broker it) guaranteed that I would not play him for " of two," by talking about how he would dance on the terrible towel even in Heinz Field.

You've got Heinz Field rocking to welcome their Super Bowl Champs back. And you've also got Big Ben ready to show out after a summer of him being accused by what certainly would appear to be a crazy chick he banged who went subsequently whack on him and decided to accuse him of rape. Big Ben's feeling so good right now, he and his lawyers basically laughed at the accuser's attorney's lame offer this past week to dismiss the case for an apology and a donation to a women's charity. I think Big Ben is feeling a little bulletproof right about now.

Top that off with a Titan's team that lost arguably the most dominant defensive tackle in the game. Add in that it's early enough where Fast Willie Parker is still healthy and fast since it's only week one and I've got to take the Steelers to cover.

Enjoy the game. And let's go Georgia Tech!

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