Monday, September 14, 2009

God must have needed a cooler

How else do you explain today's death of the man who cleaned up the Double Deuce and rid the town of Jasper, Missouri of evil crime lord, Brad Wesley, a man whose sole redeeming quality was that he brought JC Penny to town.

Then again, perhaps heaven has been overrun by Soviet-backed, Cuban troops and God needed former high school QB Jed to roll in, pick up his brother and his friends and kick some commie ass.

It is always possible some fool in heaven is attempting to put Baby in the corner, therefore God needed Johnny Castle because nobody puts Baby in the corner.

Whatever the reason, Swayze has been battling pancreatic cancer for some time now and was rumored to be not doing well at all. He recently returned home to Los Angeles from his New Mexico ranch due to his condition worsening. Reports say he died with his family by his side.

In that case...I'm glad to see life, like Johnny Utah, cut Bodhi loose to enjoy the 100-years storm. Good luck, Bodhi. Here's hoping you can paddle all the way to New Zealand.


Mike Reino said...

Nice Job, P-Luv.....

pluvlaw said...

Thanks. It really sucks. I was posting this and realized, for all the knocks on him as an actor, Swayze was in 4 movies that I suppose I would say clearly spur memories of my childhood. And I didn't even mention the movie in which he managed to have a "three way" with Demi and Whoopi.

Recently, when I read that they were remaking Red Dawn, I was pissed. Tom Cruise's kid? Are you kidding? You can't beat a weeping Jed and Matt Eckert crying as an Emmy-deserving Harry Dean Stanton chokes back, "You were so damn little..." then ends with "Avenge me! Aveeeenge me!"


Rip, Dalton.