Friday, September 25, 2009

UPSET! Ole Miss 10 - South Carolina 16

What a night at Billy Brice! The "official" crowd was something like 74k-something, but it was probably more like 60k. However, the fans that were there raised absolute hell. Best homegame in quite a while.

BTW, is there a curse of George Rogers or something? How many Heisman campaigns come to Billy Brice to die? Quincy Carter, Andrew Woodson and now Mr. Snead. It's like the grass at Billy Brice sucks the life out of these potentials (as well as out of legendary college head coaches too, unfortunately).

Anyway...we'll enjoy this one for the weekend. Way to go, 'Cocks!

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Mike Reino said...

That explains the lack of blogging today - the entire state of South Carolina is hungover.....