Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Here's an apple, Mrs. Noonan...

Sometime I wish I were famous. That way, I could get cush gigs on tv bloviating nonsense, probably get into really cool night clubs and last but not least...score a nice salary "teaching" a class that had nothing to do with nothing.

Enter Peggy Noonan, who is teaching a "study group" at Harvard University this fall: Creativity in journalism, in politics and in life. Now, I make grammatical mistakes all the time. But seriously, read the syllabus for this damn class and tell me it is not the worst stream-of-consciousness written crap you have ever seen.

The entire class simply seems to be come and let me tell you about Ronald Reagan and all the other famous people I've known. Listen...Noonan's credibility has been shot ever since she and Chuck Todd got caught on that live mike slamming McCain's pick of Palin as desperate and ridiculous. Then they didn't man up and stick say, "You know whay...it was. She's an idiot, he's a moron and it's gonna cost them the election." But hey...I'm sure it's an easy A.

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