Monday, September 7, 2009

FSU-MIAMI...who you got?

So...we're back in town and about to enjoy a little Hurricanes and Seminoles. The game is in Tallahasse, which means one thing: Jen Sterger is the house! hot do you have to be to create a career out of a skimpy shirt, fake tits, a cowboy hat and some daisy dukes. Here's to hoping Jen can pull Erin Andrews to the side and explain to her how objectification is a good thing.
Anyway...FSU is a 5.5 favorite, with the over under at 47.5. I really would like to see Miami win this one. But I did catch a little of Gameday Saturday and they made a big deal of Mickey Andrews saying this Seminole D was the fasted D he has ever had. That would be fast, folks. So with the home crowd, with Jen's boobs and with that D, I'm taking the 'Noles to cover.

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Mike Reino said...

The hottest FSU fan is our old morning news anchor, Lauren Lowrey !!