Monday, May 11, 2009

Free advice on a Monday

Apparently, Dr. Phil had the parents of that teenage girl that went missing from Myrtle Beach at springbreak a few weeks ago on his show. Pictured here is the mom, Dawn Drexel along with Tony Manero-wannabe, Peter Brozowitz. Brozowitz is apparently one of the last people to see the Drexel's daughter alive.

What I find amusing, is Brozowitz appeared on the show along with his attorney, John Parrinello. Now, far be it from me to judge the quality of legal advice another attorney gives their client. I would never go there. But, come on, John. Really? You couldn't find a tie for the kid? You really think looking like a Saturday Night Fever reject helps Petey-boy?

As for the mom's whining about a "if you knew that Brittanee was walking that far from one hotel to the other if you’re a gentleman, then why wouldn’t you walk my daughter to her hotel or drive her there knowing it was dark out that night?”--Uh, really...Peter don't exactly come off as the picture of young chivalry, now does he?

Does anyone really doubt this kids story? He "tried to talk her into staying" before she left. I can believe that, he was trying to hook up, she probably thought better of it and he moved on to the drinking game or the next target.

The dad sure sounds like he thinks she just ran off. Who knows? I do know, ain't no client of mine ever going on tv popping a collar like that.

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