Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Harry Reid is an idiot & the BTPC solves the unemployment problem in the Pee Dee

We have no real love for Democratic Senate Majority leader Harry Reid. To borrow a line from our favorite Tony Blair British Parliament video, Reid is "weak, weak, weak." So I'm never surprised when Reid comes across as having his head up his ass. But yesterday, I saw some video that really took the cake.

Last night, the Daily Show ran clips from Reid answering questions about Senate Democrats opposing President Obama's request for funding to close Gitmo.

Hot Air has a transcript.

QUESTION: On funding the closing of Guantanamo Bay.

REID: Well, the decision
to close Guantanamo was a right one.
I agree with President Bush. I agree
with John McCain . I agree with Barack Obama . Guantanamo makes us less

QUESTION: If the United States — if the United States thinks that these
people should be held, why shouldn’t they be held in the United States? Why
shouldn’t the U.S. take those risks, the attendant risk of holding them, since
it’s the one that says they should be held?

REID: I think there’s a general
feeling, as I’ve already said, that the American people, and certainly the
Senate, overwhelmingly doesn’t want terrorists to be released in the United
States. And I think we’re going to stick with that.

Just wait, it gets better:

REID: If people are — if terrorists are released in the United States, part
of what we don’t want is them be put in prisons in the United States. We don’t
want them around the United States…

QUESTION: No one’s talking about releasing them. We’re talking about
putting them in prison somewhere in the United States.

REID: Can’t put them in prison unless you release them.

QUESTION: Sir, are you going to clarify that a little bit? I mean

REID: I can’t — I can’t — I can’t make it any more clear than the
statement I have given to you. We will never allow terrorists to be released in
the United States.

Now, if you think that's the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard, you're right. That's like saying every time some inmate has to go from Federal or State prison to court, they are "released" when they get transported to the local county detention center to await their court appearance. It. Is. Complete. Bullshit.

I could spend some time here explaining what a douche Reid is, but why bother. Instead, I'd like to offer a solution. We'll take them. That's right, send them here to the Pee Dee. But there's a catch: If we're gonna take these infamous bogeymen, the rest of the nation has to pony up. I don't wanna hear any bitching about how much loot comes our way.

For those that think this is crazy, think for second: Do you honestly think housing these people would lead to a terror attack here in the Pee Dee? If you do, you've got quite the over-active sense of self-importance.

Dillon County has a 16.2 % unemployment rate, almost twice the national average. You telling me they couldn't use the 700 to 900 new permanent jobs and about 1000 temporary ones? Where did I get those figures? Hows about from the ADX Florence. No, that's not Florence,'s Florence, CO. And it's known as the "Alcatraz of the Rockies."

Seriously, we could put it between Florence and Dillon Counties and call it ADX-Florence East. Think of the potential savings to the government in embroidery for uniform patches and what not.

For those who say, "not in my backyard," whatever. Get a grip. Folks don't escape from Supermax. Wanna know some of prisoners who have called ADX-Florence home? How about: The Unabomber, the Blind Sheik, Zacarais Moussaoui, Eric Rudolph, Terry Nichols, Ramzi Yousef, Mahmud Abouhalima, & Jose Padilla. Hey, whad'ya know...those are terrorists. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Andre Fastow, the biggest terrorist of your retirement fund (Fastow is the former Enron CFO).

Here's what Florence, CO Mayor Cindy Cox, told ABC News about the SuperMax being in her town. "There is no fear whatsoever. There has never been an incident. You talk to people, and they don't even know Supermax is up there. It's the American criminal capital of the world," Cox said.

And for those who think "prison" is too good for terrorists, take a look at this article. Supermax lockup is HARD TIME.

Think about the economic boon this could bring. To have the prison here, we could demand serious Homeland Security funds to "beef up security." We could get a bunch of grant money to train, outfit and staff our local law enforcement and emergency service departments. Our kids would need to be safe with the "increased security threat." That means, no more mobile units. We nice secure brick and mortar schools. We'd need a nice new Federal building to house all the prosecutors and a new "more secure" Federal Court. Every time a new one came in or a trial went on, we could all sit around and heckle Wolf Blitzer while he was doing a live shot. Oh. my. God...Sean Hannity may even come to town. Oh my...I think I'm gettin' the vapors...

I'm telling you...we should do this.

So eff you, Harry Reid, you p*ssy. We'll take em.

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