Monday, May 18, 2009

Heeeenrrrreeee. Busted.

If you read the BTPC, you know we are no big fan of Henry "Have you heard I'm runnin' for guv'ner" McMaster. We've documented our issues with Henry before. He's got a history of wasting state resources through political grandstanding. See Henry and the license plate. See Henry and his policy of not allowing his assistants drop any CDV charges (which leads to BS charges going to trial, the AAGs being handicapped by not being able to drop said BS charges and then the public seeing the results of the sentences Judges hand down and thinking something underhanded happened). See Henry and the Sex Dungeon case (the first case he prosecuted after being elected in 2002, after which he blamed the jury for blowing his "airtight" case).

And now, we have Henry and Craigslist. Take a look at how Craigslist's CEO calls Henry out and shows how unfairly his company is being targeted.

Notice a pattern with Henry's choices? See any pattern to those whose he places his office against? People for Separation of Church and State, People accused of CDV, Jurors who don't agree with him, and a company from San Francisco (that does what any other number of companies all over do).

Ladies and Gentlemen, Henry McMaster takes aim at those he thinks no one will care he's taking aim at. It's nothing more than being a bully. It's weak.

In honor of those erotic service providers that may be out of an advertising option, perhaps you will consider the contracting with the establishment below. I understand it provides transportation in the form of an aquatic-sized American made automobile. It also provided this posts paraphrased title.

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