Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Corbett E. Byrd Day

Props to my step-pops, who was honored with a VIP Award by the local chapter of the National Association of Insurance Women. Corbett has been handling insurance claims here in Florence for almost 35 years. It was great to get to see his colleagues award him this honor and even better that his brother Wayne and his wife Sue were able to bring his mother to Florence to enjoy it.

Also, thanks to Mayor Wukela for recognizing Corbett getting the award and proclaiming May 19, 2009: Corbett E. Byrd Day. Many thanks to the ladies that put this on, especially that they let two plaintiff's attorneys in the door to participate.

Next year, we're all headed to the lake for Corbett Byrd Day...


Mike Reino said...

More mutual acquaintances ! Back in my old Entreprise Rent a Car days, I dealt with Corbett a lot. Always thought he was easy to work with , and pretty reasonable. Congrats !

pluvlaw said...

My favorite Corbett adjusting story is after that bad hail storm several years ago, he went by a guys house and worked up a claim for the roof while the guy was at work.

When Corbett went by there later that day to discuss the claim with him, the guy got mad because Corbett didn't write the roof a total loss. He told Corbett, "Mr. Byrd...I don't think an old fella like you climbed up and checked out my roof."

Corbett told him, "I sure did. And if you don't believe me, climb on up there and you'll find my business card stuck in your chimney flashing."

Mike Reino said...

Sounds like Corbett !