Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jesse the Body on torture

I love Jesse Ventura. I can't wait to see someone like Sean Hannity challenge the patriotism of a man who ain't got time to bleed over these types of remarks on torture:

Jesse Ventura: I would prosecute every person who was involved in that
torture. I would prosecute the people that did it, I would prosecute the people
that ordered it, because torture is against the law."

Larry King: You were a Navy S.E.A.L.

Jesse Ventura: Yes, and I was waterboarded [in training] so I know...
It is torture...I'll put it to you this way: You give me a waterboard,
Dick Cheney and one hour, and I'll have him confess to the Sharon Tate

Hattip Sullivan.


Cheesefrog said...

Just wondering... is Jesse going to beat down Nancy Pelosi as well, if it turns out that she knew about it? Now THAT I would pay to see!

Also, is his statement correct that torture is (was) against the law?

pluvlaw said...

If she knew, he should. Listen...every SOB who let this happen should be prosecuted and run out of town on a rail. They delivered the kind of blow to this country that a bunch of fantaics with box cutters never could: they voluntarily surrendered the very core beliefs this country is founded on. They cracked the bedrock. Fuck 'em.

As for whether it is legal I think we've already established our position on that. At least the Japanese prisoners we prosecuted for war crimes afther WWII think so. So does that Texan Sheriff and his 3 deputies the Reagan administration prosecuted back in the '80s.

Cheesefrog said...

And I'm not trying to be argumentative on this- I'll be the first to admit that I'm out of my league when it comes to the law. I'm trying to separate the moral aspect with the legal aspect, and I thought that the powers that be determined that these techniques were legal at the time. Whether that position is right or wrong is a different argument.

I think your position on the subject is pretty clear, but I have to ask what you think about the latest Pew survey that found that only 1 in 4 Americans believe that torture is unacceptable in any circumstance.

pluvlaw said...

They fabricated justification. No different than what the Nazis tried to do. There is a reason for the Bard's famous advise to first kill all the lawyers...

Any real lawyer, in explaining the argument for or against this crap, would have brought up this past prosecution up. In fact, as a lawyer, you are obligated under your rules of ethics to not misrepresent the law, so you damn sure bring these prosecutions up in ANY argument that this crap is legal.

These guys ignored these cases in their justifications. Jay Bybee is a fucking federal judge and his goddamn memos don't even point these cases out. If his law clerks pulled this shit on him, he'd fire their ass in a second. Why...because they would have misrepresented the law and as a Judge, he'd be offended as hell at that.

As far as the Pew survey, come on. You take a Pew survey of the south in the '60s and my whole family is telling those pollsters how the negroes are getting out of hand. Don't make it right. I'm a flaming liberal. You think a majority scares me or changes my mind. Hell no.

Cheesefrog said...

Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not trying to change anyone's mind, or saying that I agree with the masses. (I suspect that more often than not I don't) I recall Frank Zappa's quote, that just because a million people think you're wrong, doesn't mean that you are. I just found it interesting that in the debate over right and wrong, most people ultimately tend to value the ends over the means. Eat or be eaten.