Sunday, May 17, 2009

How Rummy played W.

GQ has released some of the "intelligence briefings" Donald Rumsfeld provided during the Iraq War for President Bush. As Ballon Juice notes:

Draper’s biggest find is a collection of daily cover sheets that Rumsfeld
approved for the Secretary of Defense Worldwide Intelligence Update, a highly
classified digest prepared for a tiny audience, including the president, and
often delivered by hand to the White House by the defense secretary himself.

These cover sheets greeted Bush each day with triumphal color photos of the war
headlined by biblical quotations. GQ is posting 11 of them, and they are
seriously creepy.

I don't know why Muslims would think this was some type of Crusade or anything.

It reminds me of Bush and his looking into Putin's soul and seeing "a good man." You ever heard how that happened? Google: Bush + Putin + story of the cross. It's a story Peggy Noonan relayed in her book, "When Character was King." Read that story, then remember that Putin is a career spy. He made his living handling people and manipulating them. I can almost see him laughing on the flight to the meeting twirling this cross around his finger explaining to his comrades, "Watch this...I'll have this idiot eating out of my hand with this."

Seriously...why didn't anyone ever try to have W proclaimed an at-risk adult. That way, maybe we could have had the probate court appoint a guardian/conservator over him to make sure he didn't get taken advantage of.

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