Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jared Cook impresses at first camp

Former USC TE Jared Cook apparently made an impression on at least one member of the local media in Tennessee at his first NFL camp.
The Tennessean.Com's Jim Wyatt thinks Cook is as fast as the Titan's first round WR pick, Kenny Britt. I was really hoping my Dolphins would take Cook before the draft and when he was sitting there when Miami came on the clock with the 87th overall pick (#23 in the third round), I thought they would pull the trigger. Instead, they went with a WR from that other SC school, Trojan WR Patrick Turner. Cook went two pick later to the Titans. Here's some more from Wyatt:
But I got to see Cook up close on Friday during the Titans' rookie
orientation and I must say I was impressed. What
stood out to me most, however -- Cook looks like a receiver. He's 6-5, 246
pounds and runs especially well. The team's third round pick caught
everything in sight on Friday. Coach Jeff
Fisher said Cook could add 15-20 pounds to his frame, which would help one
of his weaknesses right now -- blocking. But they don't think it will slow him
down much. Cook is just as fast -- if not
faster - than receiver Kenny Britt, the team's first round pick. He's going
to create mismatches all over the field when he gets up to speed in the
Hey...Wyatt was just talking about his speed. Check out his hops in the pics above. Now, Turner may well turn out to be a great pick. I feel pretty sure he is a better route runner than Cook. But Jared Cook is a physical freak. I would have loved to have seen him in the Wildcat offense, faking a block on the run fakes and then streaking straight past the cheating safety. Here's how they match up:
Cook = 6' 5", 246 lbs., 4.5 40-time, 23 reps, 41" vert, 123" broad
Turner = 6'5", 223 lbs., 4.59 40-time, 21 reps, ?, ?
Anyway, I really think Cook is more gifted physically and I think he can project as a TE or a big slot WR. Here's to hoping both turn out to be great picks. I just hope Miami did not miss something special with Cook.

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Mike Reino said...

As an ECU fan, I told everyone that the Titans stole Chris Johnson last year. They did the same with Cook. I wnated the Giants to pick him too, but they went with a TE from Wisconsin, because they have a Big Ten bias..

Rarely do I question The Tuna, but I think Turner was a bad pick for Rd. 3.. Their numbers may be similar, but the NFL is all about matchups. Cook won't have DB's on him, he'll have linebackers - who he will blow away.