Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Anyone want some blues and bar-b-que?

We'll be pulling a shortened day tomorrow, as we head to Greenwood for Rauch Wise's infamous Blues, Bar-B-Que and Bar C-L-E Seminar. Rauch organizes this CLE every year to coincide with Greenwood's Festival of Discovery.

It's a kick-ass seminar for criminal defense lawyers and one hell of a party for everyone else. Once again the legendary SC Blues Doctor, Drink Smalls, will be playing. This year, I am also looking forward to seeing The Nouveaux Honkies, who boast Florentine Rebecca Dawkins on violin. Rumor also has it that Food Network is also going to be in attendance to film some stuff on the barbecue competition.

So come get your grub and groove on.

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